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Some great new projects and products

Intellecta Technologies supports innovation and creativity in science, mathematics, design and technologies and the digital technologies in the Australian Curriculum.

We can only achieve this aim by demonstrating these principles in our own vision and so we are on a path of new developments and resources.

Check out the great resin printer from Roland - ARM-10


SCADA PRO -Intellecta started with the design of the graphical icon control system for teaching control in aviation.

We have extended the hardware with the new Control 8 interface with some radical new options - multi-function input or output, tough enclosure and simple cable interface to industrial DIN mount connections. Easy to interface to high voltage/high current real systems in areas such as solar power projects

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ControlBlok -We love the great manipulative construction systems in many classrooms and the new control interface connects to blocks, rails, connectors or home brew designs. 8 inputs/sensors or outputs, 4 DC motors, 4 servo motors mean you can control many science and technology models.

Program in Intellecta icons or a number of arduino type environments.

The BASIC programming language was good enough for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to pursue their interest in programming and the Australian producted Micromite system from Geoff Graham is a good extension.

A simple board with an advanced microcontroller and a graphics touch panel display means that you can set up a number of great embedded designs.

Roll your own data logger, robotics controller.

This board is our design and specially formulated for the classroom with learning resources.

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InnovationSpace and STEMSHED - an example of disruptive innovation.

Rather than looking at an empty design and tech building that has won a design award consider our solution - a facility with plasma cutter, laser cutter, router, 3d printers, manual workshop materials. training for teachers and a connection to the local community via makerspaces.

However, we just like making buildings and this facility does not conform to the school concepts or plans usually defined with no input from teachers or students.

Call for more information.


Teacher training



Innovative design (our design reinforces the IDEO design concept - one room with all the activity rather then little rooms and division.

Reasonable building

Have you say” email us:

All we need is a 20m x20m space and we will bring to you an amazing learning space that wil work with you, the students and the community,

After all, they are paying for it!!!


Check out the great micromite forum on www.backshed.com


New high resolution controller ideal for data logging and recording.

Soon with wifi!!

Read more!


New graphics controller running on BASIC

We are very luck to have Geoff Graham from Western Australia who has pioneered a range of low cost microcontrollers programmed in BASIC.

The new system uses a high resolution graphics display as well as storage to a SD card.

We are developing the WIFI and Bluetooth 4 interface so we can use this in our coding curriculum as well as the main controller for our food tech training resource.

This means we can have a number of wireless probes in the field communicating back to the main control unit.