This says it all!

A real STEM process must incorporate all the four curriculum areas that must be woven together with inquiry based learning, sustainability and expansion to other areas.

The simple robot arm is a good example where students design the components, 3d print these, link to servo motors, control with software and coding. Can be expanded to a robotic controlled green house, application of test paint or whatever application you can develop with the students.

Note that this system could be the basis of a home-brew design that can be controlled with the PICAXE, Genie chips, ContolBLOCK with arduino or the new micromite with touch LCD panel.

Imagine a touch panel controller with axes etc on the screen.

Here are the 3D printers that we support in STEM at your school.


19-07-2016 3-46-35 PM

UP BOX - large, robust system with inbuilt HEPA fume filter, automatic height settings, large area.

UP PLUS 2 - robust simple machine to launched 3D printing into schools

New UP MINI with wireless control, robust design and low cost. Ideal entry point for schools.

KIDKIT - build your own as a STEM project.