Easy data control with Intellecta icons

Sustainability is the focus of the STEM programs in the Australian Curriculum. Therefore any tools that make this connectivity easier will enhance the basic inquiry based learning process.

The Intellecta icon language is like any other language with potential for a variety of examples.

For example, we show the data logging strategy for a solar panel and a wind generator.

The current and voltage is measured together with the revolutions per minute from a wind generator.

The icons and the linkages make the function of the strategy easy to view and understand.


Recycling via  3D printer waste

Waste management is a very important facet of the product life cycle and we have featured a novel technology for schools based around 3d printing.

This generates some waste and we can support the recyling process or the design of new materials with our filament extruder and spool system.

Students can examine the cost benefit of using new raw materials to make 3d filament or the design and testing of waste  plastic added to the raw mateials.

They can examine the mathematics, testing of materials via science concepts, types of plastics and their environmental impact.

What about taking waste products from a group of schools and running a small waste control enterprise.? How do you charge for the service? Should the cost of waste management be built into a price?


The spooler allows the control spooling of filament.

Inquiry based learning

  • How do you measure the strength of a plastic?
  • What is strength/pressure/force/hardness
  • What is the science in testing/materials
  • Where are thin sections of materials used in systems?
  • Do you have filament in your body? Where?


Food Tech and STEM

Food is the most important item in our lives.

It relates to the environment, to the quality of our bodies, our interaction with the world, our pleasure, our thinking, our learning and to our obligation of caring for the world.

We are fortunate in our company that we have most of the resources to contribute to a learning environment that links STEM to food technology. For example, our icon control system makes it easy to measure properties of soil and the environment.  Our electronics products make it easy to integrate electronics into control and measurement systems.

Our manufacturing products in the form of lasers/plasma cutters/milling machines and 3D printers make it easy to design special items that can optimise the production of food and interaction of plants with the sun for example.

Our food tech and STEM product is a high end resource that virtually links all the products into one amazing environment. Our special links to solar and wind energy, storage solutions will bring another level of STEM applications that extend the makerspace vision to a real world need.

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