Icon presentation
Amplifier wave mixing strategy

Intellecta and STEM

Intellecta is a simple icon control environment where you place and link icons to define the data logging or control strategy.

The icons represent functions that are available on an interface board - sensors, switches, counters, motors and lights. These devices can be calibrated via a calibration icon.

The process icons then add functions such as logic gates, decisions, comparators, set points, generators, data logging via a graph and automatic export to a spreadsheet and a range of icons that are similar to subroutines.

The system is powerful and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

There is no need for programming or coding - you just want to see the data from probes, solar panels and do some control.


Simple example of an icon and data display

intellecta view of the icons

Science set up to display the concept of beats

Amplifier - wave mixing1


Maths  is ideal for STEM :

Use maths functions to calibrate sensors

Use the enhancer icons to show wave forms and their interactions

Export to spreadsheets and data manipulation

Logic gates and their operation in mathematics and electronics

Controlling robot systems and factory automation

Coding structure and planning the control

Sustainability project in solar power and environmental control

Motor control and linking control into science