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STEM and Thinking and Making

STEM is an excellent platform to integrate the subjects to a focus but it has failed to really link up with the engineering or making aspects. Science labs are traditionally spaces where students do experiments to verify a formula or concept. Who can forget conservation of momentum on two cars on an air track. ?

We turned the concept upside down and termed it 5IT - designit, makeit, controlit, measureit, thinkit. .

 Removed the terms but still keep the vision.

Our thinking vision supports electronics, control systems, coding with a strong STEM linkage. Above all, the materials are designed to develop basic understanding and expansion to new projects.

Intellecta - ideal data logging and control of systems - idea for solar power and sustainability.

Circuit Wizard - amazing electronics software that allows simulation and design of microcontroller and basic electronics

ControlBLOK - coding with Arduino or Intellecta with an flexible interface that links with blocks,rods etc

Micromite - amazing interface with touch panel interface and powerful BASIC programming language that everyone can understand.

Our Making vision supports a range of processes - milling, routing,laser cutting, PCB engraving,3d printing and print/cut

DesignIT - cad, drawing

ThinkIT - Programming, physics mathematics

MakeIT - workshop,technology,construction,cam’

MeasureIT - science,physics,data logging,probeware

ControlIT - electronics, control systems