Stemworks and Secondary Education

The Australian curriculum offers a broad science and mathematics pathway into STEM and sustainability focus.

Our resources support the the important E in STEM as an outcome of excellent research and discussion on the benefit of actually making and designing something that has a s and m link.

For example, in the sustainability focus consider the discussion on making a weather station as a system.

  • Temperature - how to measure, calibrate, what to use, errors
  • Humidity - what sensor, how to calibrate, why is humidity important, calibration
  • Rain fall - how the measure, what area to collect, how to handle large rainfall
  • Wind speed - how to measure, calibrate, store
  • Display of data - what is important, storage, comparison,
  • Needs - community, farming needs

We believe that the outcomes are much greater when students are involved in the design process in comparison to purchasing a weather station.

A typical secondary school STEMWORKS package will incorporate:

laser cutter, engraver, milling machine, electronics support materials, vacuum former, 3d printers etc.

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