STEM and Lasers

Light, optics, stimulated emission ,lenses, depth of field, depth of focus, transitions, power density, irradiance, WOW - all science concepts packaged in one device.

Yes, the laser is an incredible system that has opened the door in many areas such as communication, industry, medicine, surveying and manufacture.

Students can design flat pack designs, ornaments, jewelry ,robot chassis etc as part of their real STEM projects.

We are laser jocks with 30 years experience in the field and we grasped the opportunity of representing the Versalaser systems in South Australia and Victoria.

Why Versalaser? - reliability, ease of use, great software, good support and service, wide choice of systems.

Check out the Australian made and designed blue laser diode cutter and engraver - different chisel for a different job.

Table with the desktop VLS2.30, VLS3.50 and the platform series machines.