ControlBlok is an extension of our popular Intellecta control products but with the ability to be programmed in the popular Arduino environment.

This offers a great deal of coding experience in either the text entry of code or the block environment via Ardublock graphical icon programming.

This mode of programming is popular and we have seen this in the CircuitWizard Genie programming of micrcontrollers and the BLOCKLY environment of the PICAXE family.

These environments are excellent for development of the understanding of the various steps in coding and offer extra features such as simulation.



Graphical control of all the hardware and software steps in designing a control system that may be part of a robotic controller, weather station, security system, greenhouse controller, wind energy controller, underground storage control for fruit, sports monitoring system, temperature controller for wine.

Technical features

ControlBlok is a flexible interface that allows you to integrate it into a number of building systems with connections for block, rods or slide in components via small dovetails.

The connections use rugged 2.5mm audio plus with a strong click fit so there is little chance of removable

Programming is done via the large USB A connector or via wireless with Bluetooth.


  • 8 digital input or output or sensors
  • 4 DC motors with speed control
  • 4 Servo motors
  • #Easy 2.5mm cable connections
  • Bluetooth 4 and Classic programming
  • Arduino/ardublock/Intellecta icon control options
  • Links to all commo building materials
  • Innovative tough enclosure
  • Expansion option
  • Push in lights, switches